Nature is all around us, from the cells in our body to the mountains and the ocean. It is how we’re connected to the earth and the earth to us. By learning about plants and wildlife from my father, I began to understand what nature could do for us and what we could do for nature. This made me want to explore more; I was curious to see what the naked eye could not. Looking at the microscopic world, I found it similar to a landscape; the ridges in muscle were just like the hills and valleys; blood flow just like waterways; cells like rocks with their own unique texture. My father gave me the knowledge of imagery while my mother gave me the knowledge of material. In my family a name is very important on the women’s side; it’s passed down from generation to generation. Along with the passing down of the name Margaret there are different kinds of traditions and personalities that come with it; sewing being one tradition with its intriguing use of different materials, from paper to fabric and what you can do with them. My use of nature’s forms and a growing range of materials helps me understand where I fit into my family with art.